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Tudor's story

Tudor is now an ambitious and optimistic schoolboy!

In 2015, Tudor didn't speak, wasn't responsive, didn't eat much, didn't sit still. Now we have an ambitious, optimistic schoolboy who reads, thinks, does mathematical calculations!

Tudor dresses and undresses himself, he likes swimming (he goes to the pool independently); cycle long distances; walks with Canadian crutches outside for distances of 400-500 meters with small stops; walks with one hand support, takes independent steps for short distances indoors.
Our story began in Iasi, we were two young resident doctors and we lived with the hope of a future beautiful family. After a beautiful wedding, many expectations and prayers, the miracles of our life came into the world: David and Tudor. They were born prematurely at 31 weeks and weighed just 1.6kg and 1.5kg respectively. David was intubated immediately after birth, but Tudor was not, because as the doctor told us "he adapted better". Indeed, the initial evaluation showed no problems, but two days later Tudor was intubated as well. Then, about ten days after birth, following an ultrasound, we were told that Tudor had a problem: "periventricular leukomalacia lesions".
In my motherly desperation, leaving aside the profession of a doctor, I asked what we were to do. I was told "to be happy that I have a healthy child", meaning David, Tudor's twin brother...

The most terrible period of our lives began, when we did not know which roads to take. We were already starting to see motor retardation and eye problems. Time was passing and Tudor was not well. He could not fix objects, his legs were spastic. At the age of one, the twin brother David had started to walk on his own, while Tudor could not even sit up. With desperation in my soul, after many sleepless nights, in which I looked for options for therapies, I found the story of Maria Beatrice and the center in Alba Iulia.
We started coming to the “Maria Beatrice” Center, and after just two sessions (2 weeks each), Tudor had already recovered quite a lot. We were told: “you will see that in two or three weeks the child will walk on all fours by himself”. And so it was! I have met honest people here, with dedication in everything they do, empathy and, last but not least, consummate professionals. We made friends and started to feel at home.
After a while I accepted that Tudor is a “special” child, I got closer to God and with His help I feel that we are on the right track. We promised that we will fight as hard as we can to ensure the best possible future for Tudor. After the recovery work of the “Maria Beatrice” team, both psycho-cognitive and motor, we have a wonderful child!
We are lucky with our twins, David and Tudor, with our family, with the “Maria Beatrice” family. Although it may be difficult for those around us to understand, we have our happiness.