Ajutăm anual peste 2000 de copii și pe familiile lor. Vezi cum facem asta
We help over 2000 children and their families annually. See how we do it
Terms and conditions


Please read very carefully these “Terms and Conditions”, hereinafter also referred to as the “Agreement” or “Terms of Use”, before using or benefiting from the services offered by the Maria Beatrice Non-Governmental Association. This agreement establishes the legal and collaboration terms between the association and the donors.

The website www.mariabeatrice.ro is administered by the Maria Beatrice Non-Governmental Association identified by CIF RO 27786253, registered in the Special Register of the Alba Iulia Court under no. 607/CC/2015, based in Alba Iulia, county Alba, B-dul 1 Decembrie 1918, Nr. 35, Bl. M8, Ap. 17, representative of Onac Sebastian Constantin, as president, email: asociatia@mariabeatrice.ro

www.mariabeatrice.ro is a website presenting medical services for the recovery of children with cerebral palsy, neuromotor disorders and trauma, as well as a site for online donations to collect funds from donations with the help of which we build the First National Pediatric Center in Romania for children with cerebral palsy, neuromotor disorders and trauma.


The Service is provided subject to acceptance of all terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. In the event that you do not agree to the present terms, if you are at the moment when you want to place a donation, please do not place it.

Any access to www.mariabeatrice.ro will henceforth be considered acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

The Association reserves the right to modify or replace these “Terms and Conditions” by posting the updated terms on the website. It is your responsibility to periodically check the Terms and Conditions of Use for any changes and your continued use constitutes acceptance of such changes.

The Association reserves the unilateral right to modify, suspend or discontinue the Service at any time.



For the purposes of the following, we will use the following terms with the following meanings:

The non-govt. association Maria Beatrice is the official name of our association that carries out medical rehabilitation activities for children with cerebral palsy, neuromotor disorders and trauma, the owner of this website.

Direct donation – is the donation made on the “Donation” button on the website www.mariabeatrice.ro with the text “donate”, “I want to donate” and “donate directly” which aims to donate for the activities carried out within the Maria Beatrice Association, in the current center but also for the new project of the Association, more precisely for the Construction of the New National Pediatric Center Mary Beatrice.

Sponsorship – is the donation made through the sponsorship contract of legal firms and form 230 of individuals who choose to redirect to the Maria Beatrice Association a part or a total of 20% of the profit/income tax owed to the respective state 3.5% of the tax on salary income.

Donor- Any natural person who has made a donation on this site by donation (online with the card) or by bank transfer, donations by sms or redirection of income tax to the Non-Government Association. Maria Beatrice.

Active partner – any firm, company, legal entity that has sponsored the Association in all its activities over a longer period of time, the non-gov association. Maria Beatrice by redirecting profit/income tax to the association and is a constant supporter of the Association’s activities.

Maria Beatrice National Pediatric Center – Project of the non-govt association. Maria Beatrice who represents the construction of the First National Pediatric Center in Romania for children with cerebral palsy, neuromotor disorders and trauma.


Fundraising is done both on this website and through sponsorship contracts that can be downloaded from the website www.mariabeatrice.ro from the “support YOU too” menu and sent both to the email address contabilitate@mariabeatrice.ro and physically at the address: str. Lalelelor nr. 60, Alba Iulia, jud. Alba.

The amounts donated through the website www.mariabeatrice.ro by online payment, directly on the website, will be used both to support the current activities of the current Maria Beatrice Medical Recovery Center and for the “Maria Beatrice National Pediatric Center” project (both for the construction part and for the interior installations and finishes, devices necessary, work equipment, furniture and any other expenses involved in putting the New Maria Beatrice National Pediatric Center into operation.)

By placing a donation on the website www.mariabeatrice.ro, the donor agrees that after the completion of the construction of the National Pediatric Center, the donated amount will be redistributed within the Association to maintain the activity. providing medical recovery services to the beneficiaries of the Maria Beatrice National Pediatric Center.

At the moment of placing a donation by accepting the “Terms and conditions”, the donor conveys to the Association trust, responsibility and responsibility for using the donation for the established purpose.

If the donor wishes to offer donations in goods to the Association, considering them as auxiliary materials for the commissioning of the Maria Beatrice National Pediatric Center, they are asked to send an email to the address asociationa@mariabeatrice.ro or contact us directly at the number displayed on the site.

The entire activity is transparent, the non-govt. Association. Maria Beatrice exposing both on the website and social networks as well as in communication with the National Partners the stages of realization of the Maria Beatrice National Pediatric Center.

The non-govt. association Maria Beatrice does not collect funds on the street, in door-to-door systems or in ballot boxes or in other accounts than those displayed on the website www.mariabeatrice.ro, on sponsorship contracts from the Association or other documents drawn up within the non-govt Association . Maria Beatrice. All donated amounts are accounted for.

Any issues related to donations, transparency, technical issues related to donation methods, confusion, questions, doubts, complaints, etc. please send them as soon as possible to email asociatia@mariabeatrice.ro or by phone at 0728 131 415.


The non-govt. association Maria Beatrice provides all donation methods, from classic to the most current, fast, easy, secure and transparent. These methods are briefly presented below.

Donate with your card

Donating by card is very simple and fast. You choose the card donation method and you will be redirected to the secure page provided by the online payment integrator. Card donation is facilitated and secured by PayU. You can make the donation from wherever you are with access to a computer or phone with an internet connection and your personal card.

If the donation is rejected even if you have sufficient funds, there are several reasons:

  1. You have a restriction to make payments, you just need to call the bank to lift your restriction or you have not activated the 3D Secure code, in this case you need to call the bank to activate your 3D Secure code.
  2. You are using a card that is not accepted by our online payment processor.
  3. It’s a technical problem on the site www.mariabeatrice.ro or from the online payment processor The Donor has the obligation in this case to contact us as soon as possible, in order to communicate the problem and the Association undertakes to solve and communicate to the donor the source of the problem as well as its solution.

Once the donation is made with the card, you will receive an email confirming the donation. Your donation (amount, name and date of donation) will be integrated into the internal donor list of the Association. By accepting these terms and conditions, you accept the collection of data to be contacted later by Asocia non gov. Maria Beatrice.)

Donations made through a sponsorship contract can be general donations to support all activities supported by the Maria Beatrice Association that do not have a specific destination, but also to support the Maria Beatrice National Pediatric Center Project. The donor can opt for the purpose for which they want to donate by ticking that option. If the donor does not specify or contact us after placing the donation to inform us of the concrete destination of the donation, the amount will be redirected to the decision of the association according to necessity and priority.

Donate by online bank transfer (OP)

For this you must benefit from your bank’s Online Banking service. You will connect online to your bank account and make a regular online bank transfer, entering one of our Association’s donation accounts: for LEI– RO81 BRDE 010S V260 8578 0100, for EURO – RO56 BRDE 010S V3954 4060 100

Based on the account statements, an operator within the association will enter and update the donation in our internal list of donors to the destination for which you have chosen to donate. Thus, you will later receive information about the performance of our activity or the progress of the Maria Beatrice National Pediatric Center project.

Bank Transfer at the bank counter

Donations made in Romania from banks different from the banks with which our association works, will enter our account in a maximum of 2 working days from the moment of making the donation by the donor; For donations in euros, this term can be extended depending on the processing of the transfer between banks.

Thus, the updating of donations by our operator will be done in a maximum of 7-14 working days from the moment they entered our account, depending on the number of donations that we have to process daily;

With the placement of a donation without a specific destination in our bank accounts, the donor agrees, in accordance with the “Terms and Conditions” of this website, that the association decides to use the donation in the current activities of the Maria Beatrice functional center or for the construction of the Pediatric Center National Maria Beatrice.

When placing a donation in our bank accounts, it is considered that the donor is in agreement with the “Terms and Conditions” of this website, so that the association can retain, when updating the donation on the website, the bank commission that the bank charges related to the donation.

Directs 3.5% of income tax.

If you are an employee, you have the opportunity to redirect 3.5% of your income tax for the recovery of children with neuromotor disorders, trauma and cerebral palsy. This redirection of 3.5% of your income tax does not cost you anything, anyway you give this money to the state.

You can find all the information about this legal provision on the website www.mariabeatrice.ro under the “support yourself” menu, the sub-menu sponsoring natural persons.

All the funds received through the allocation of 3.5% of the income tax will be used in the activities of the Maria Beatrice Association but also in the new project in which we are building the first National Pediatric Center in Romania for children with cerebral palsy, neuromotor disorders and trauma.

The redirection of 3.5% of income tax cannot be made for a specific destination because:

– the destination of the funds cannot be specified on the form to be completed;

– the redirected funds will enter the association’s account a few months apart.

– when the funds enter the association’s account, we cannot verify the names of the donors nor the destination desired by the donor.

By redirecting 3.5% of the income tax, the donor implicitly expresses his agreement that the destination of the funds will be used for the decision of the association.


Our donors / those who direct 3.5 of the income tax, must know that this direction is made to the association as a legal entity.

He must also know that the transfer of these funds to the association’s accounts by the tax agencies is carried out at a distance of several months, from the moment of submitting the form for the direction of 3.5 of the income tax. The amounts do not all arrive in our account at once, but in turn, their transfer to our account can take several months.

The direction of these amounts will be done in the following way:

The association’s priority is to direct these amounts to support the current activity in the Maria Beatrice Functional Center for the treatment of children who need these treatments, but also for the construction of the New National Pediatric Center.

By directing 3.5% of the income tax, the donor grants trust, responsibility and the right for the association to choose, depending on the given situation, the most efficient direction of these funds.

Directs 20% of your company’s income tax

You can donate as a legal entity for the treatment of children with cerebral palsy, neuromotor disorders and trauma, directing 20% of your company’s profit tax. It doesn’t cost you anything, you give this money to the state anyway. This money represents the tax that your company owes to the state. The donation will be made on the basis of a sponsorship contract between our humanitarian association and your company, which you can also download from the www.mariabeatrice.ro website under the menu “you also support” the sub-menu “legal entity sponsorship”. Also in this submenu you can find out more details about what this sponsorship entails.

Donations via SMS to 8845

General details

The SMS number to which you can donate for a case within the association is 8845;

Subscribe to the monthly donation by sending the message VREAU to the number 8845. Unsubscribing can be done by sending the message I WANT STOP to number 8845.

The value of the donation is 2 EURO/month. The amount allocated to the cause is 2 Euros.

The number is valid in the Digi Mobil, Orange and Telekom Romania networks. No VAT is charged for subscription donations. In the Digi Mobil, Orange and Telekom Romania Mobile networks, for prepaid cards, the VAT was withheld when purchasing the credit. For donations on prepaid cards, users do not pay VAT in the Vodafone network.

The amounts donated via SMS will be used both for the current activities of the non-govt Association. Maria Beatrice and for building the First National Pediatric Center in Romania for children with cerebral palsy, neuromotor disorders and trauma.

By agreeing to have your phone number taken via sms, you agree to have your data taken over and to be contacted by the association. If you do not want to be contacted, send an SMS with I WANT NO to 8845.

Bank commissions

The commission for each online donation by the PayU payment processor per transaction will be borne by the Maria Beatrice Association. The bank commissions related to each donation that the bank will withhold will be fully borne by the Maria Beatrice Association.

Anatomy of a Donation

By making a donation, the donor agrees and understands that the fundraising activity carried out by the association involves costs / expenses on the part of the association, which must be covered by donations for the proper functioning of the current center as well as the fund dedicated to the construction of the New Pediatric Center National.

If the donor opts for the donated amount to be for a specific destination then that amount will be used in that destination. If the donor does not opt for a specific destination, then the Association will use the donated amount according to priority and necessity.

The non-govt association Maria Beatrice is a legal entity and part of the sums will also be used for administrative expenses or current expenses. These funds help us to carry out our activity in optimal conditions, covering the expenses of our activity, the medical recovery services offered, payments with monthly expenses, etc.

Another part of the donations represents banking and online payment processing fees. Also, this percentage includes the bank commissions paid by the association.

The largest part of the donated amount will be redirected to the fund for the construction of the New National Pediatric Center and after its completion to support the activity of the Center as well as for other future projects that will be displayed on the website www.mariabeatrice.ro and on social networks socialization.

Providing false information

The donor and sponsor assume responsibility for the veracity of the personal or company data they provide on the www.mariabeatrice.ro website. The non-govt. association Maria Beatrice does not assume the responsibility to verify the correctness of the data provided on the website www.mariabeatrice.ro by website users who provide data in online donation forms, account numbers, in contact forms, emails or sponsorship contracts .