Ajutăm anual peste 2000 de copii și pe familiile lor. Vezi cum facem asta
We help over 2000 children and their families annually. See how we do it

Our team

In 12 years we have formed a trained and disciplined Team of over 50 doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and hydro-physiotherapists, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, masseurs, administrative and management staff, who together now provide long-term treatments duration for over 700 children, born prematurely, injured, operated, cerebral palsy.

There are children with medical conditions caused by exceptional situations that occurred at birth or conditions acquired during life, including as a result of injuries.

Team Maria Beatrice

Alb Doina Caretaker
Albu Oana SENIOR Team Leader – Autonomous Clinical Psychologist-Psychotherapist
Anton Flavius Hydro-Physiotherapist
Avram Sorina Physiotherapist
Barb Ioan Team Leader – Physiotherapist
Barb Veronica Team Leader – Occupational Therapist
Boca Bianca Speech therapist
Boian Ramona SENIOR Team Leader – Reviewer
Borz Iuliu Maintenance Technician
Câmpeanu Aurelia Caregiver Sanitation
Boian Ramona SENIOR Team Leader – Reviewer
Comșa Ștefania Clinical Psychologist
Copîndean Andrei Hydro-Kinetotherapist
Crăciun Alina Physiotherapist
David Alina Fundraiser
David Rodica Caregiver Sanitation
Decean Mihaela Physiotherapist
Dr. Pahonțu Eva Primary Pediatrician
Dr. Samoilă Carmen Pediatric Neurology Specialist
Dr. Stoia-Dudaș Diana Doctor Specialist Physical Medicine Recovery and Balneology
Dumitrean Mădălina Receptionist
Florea Alina SENIOR Team Leader – Physiotherapist
Ignat Bianca Occupational Therapist – Specialized in Sensory Integration
Ignat Laura Economist
Lauric Ioana Physiotherapist
Lazăr Elena SYMBOL – the first therapist, SENIOR Team Leader – Principal Physiotherapist
Mărginean Alexandra Social worker
Mărginean Cristian Hydrotherapist
Marinescu Loredana Receptionist – Concierge Worker
Mclaughlin Simona Physiotherapist
Micle Ana-Maria Physiotherapist
Muntean Sergiu Physiokinetotherapist
Nagy Darius Kinetotherapist
Nagy Tatiana Occupational Therapist
Neamțu Sorin Team Leader – Physiotherapist
Oarga Andra Occupational Therapist – Specialized in Sensory Integration
Onac Iulia- Gabriela Founder Vice President of the Maria Beatrice Association
Onac Sebastian-Constantin Founder President of the Maria Beatrice Association
Pamfilie Emilia Caregiver Sanitation
Pătrînjean Andreea Marketing
Petaca Alina Physiokinetotherapist
Petruse Alexandra General medical assistant, Meseur
Podar Alin SENIOR Team Leader – Prof. Dr. Physiotherapist Vojta
Podar Andrei Kinetotherapist
Popa Cristina Team Leader – Statistician
Pușcaș Ancuța Expert accountant
Rîza Oana SENIOR Team Leader – Nurse
Șneapotă Adriana Kinetotherapist
Stanca Adriana Social worker
Stoian Medina Clinical Psychologist
Țandea Diana Physiokinetotherapist
Tiuc Anamaria Occupational Therapist
Toma Dana Occupational Therapist
Uleșan Robert Hydrotherapist
Vlad Cristina Masseur


Sebastian Onac
Founder President
2 Iulia Onac
Founding Vice President

Cabinet Medical

Asociația Maria Beatrice
Medic Primar Pediatru

Pahonțu Eva

Medic Primar Pediatru
Diana Stoia-Dudaș2
Doctor Specialist Physical Medicine Recovery and Balneology
Doctor Samoila Carmen
Pediatric Neurology Specialist
oana riza
SENIOR Team Leader – Asistent Medical Generalist

Physiotherapy Department

Elena Lazar1
SENIOR Team Leader – Principal Physiotherapist SYMBOL - the first Therapist of the Center
Alin Podar
SENIOR Team Leader – University Lecturer Dr. - Physiotherapist Vojta
Alina Florea
SENIOR Team Leader – Physiotherapist
Ionuț Barb
Team Leader – Physiotherapist
Sorin Neamțu2
Team Leader – Physiotherapist
Mihaela Decean
Alina Crăciun
Simona Mclaughlin - Copy
Diana Țandea
Alina Petaca1 (2)
Andreea Cistelecan
Sorina Avram (1)-fotor-20230724103634

Hydrokinetotherapy Department

Andrei Copîndean
Flavius Anton
Andrei Podar 1
Cristi Mărginean
Robert Uleșan

Psycho-Motricity Department

Clinical Psychology

Oana Albu1
SENIOR Team Leader – Autonomous Clinician Psychologist – Psychotherapist
sttefania (2)
Clinical Psychologist

Occupational Therapy

Veronica Barb-fotor-20230724104722
Team Leader – Occupational Therapist
Anamaria Tiuc
Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapist

Sensory Integration

Andra Oargă-fotor-20230724105040
Occupational Therapist in Sensory Integration
Bianca Ignat
Occupational Therapist in Sensory Integration


Medina Stoian
Clinical Psychologist - Speech therapist
Bianca Boca
Speech therapist

Therapeutic massage

Cristina Vlad
Alexandra Petruse
Asistent Medical Generalist, Meseur


Laura Ignat2
Team Leader – Economist
SENIOR Team Leader – Referent
Team Leader – Statistician
Ancuța Pușcaș
Forensic Accounting Expert
Alina David
Asistent Social
Loredana Marinescu CUT
Accommodation Receptionist, Concierge Worker

Personal Care

Aurelia Cîmpean
General Medical Assistant - Sanitation Caretaker
Rodica David
Caregiver Sanitation
Asociația Maria Beatrice
Caregiver Sanitation
Iuliu Borz
Maintenance Technician
Doina Alb
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