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Therapeutic Procedures

Medical Services | Therapeutic procedures

diagnosis and early intervention

for the purpose of early intervention on possible delays in acquisitions (delay in walking, speech, socialization, difficulties in play) or possible neuro-motor conditions

gait analysis, vertebral static disorders, abnormal postures of the spine and legs, neuromotor disorders

cerebral palsy, tetraparesis, hemiparesis, monoparesis, paraparesis, coordination disorders, various neurological syndromes (West syndrome, genetic diseases), spinal cord diseases, post-traumatic–cranio-cerebral and vertebro-medullary conditions, peripheral nerve injuries, myopathies and diseases neuromuscular (muscular dystrophies).

vertebral static disorders (kyphosis, scoliosis, hyperlordosis), disc herniation (cervical, lumbar, thoracic), upper and lower limb deviations (genu varum, genu valgum, talus valgus, genu recurvatum, flat foot, congenital crooked foot, equine), rickets sequelae, tendon retraction

sprains, fractures, dislocations, hematomas, vertebral compressions, muscle contractions, etc


The first and most important step for a correct therapeutic approach


4-5 days before the beneficiary child's arrival at the center, the child's medical documents and other materials are discussed, which highlights the child's motor and psychomotor abilities as well as his limitations. Here are established: the intervention team and the assessment tests that will be applied to the child.

Medical Consultation

The medical consultation carried out by:
Dr. Diana Stoia Dudaș – Specialist in Physical Medicine Recovery and Balneology and/or Dr. Carmen Samoilă – Specialist in Pediatric Neurology
This is where the child's medical record and procedure record are drawn up.

Complex functional assessment

The complex functional evaluation is done after the medical consultation and is carried out by the case managers, if necessary a speech therapist, who draw up the evaluation report.

Presentation of the evaluation report

The presentation of the evaluation report within the work team of the beneficiary child, and the establishment of short, medium and long-term objectives, to approach them in an integrated way.

Evaluation along the way

Medical consultation in the room

Activity carried out by the doctor, during therapy, through direct observation and discussions with the current therapist, to adjust the objectives and customize the intervention program.

The personalization of the intervention program is also done at the suggestion of the therapists, depending on the general dynamics of the child or in the case of a change in the general state of health, or if new elements have been identified that limit the therapeutic approach.

The child’s timetable seeks, as far as possible, to take into account the hours of sleep, feeding and the general dynamics of the child during the day.

During the entire evaluation process, the correct and objective definition of “Contraindications” is sought! It starts from the principle according to which “Before doing good, let’s not do bad“.

Individual Therapeutic Procedures

Physical Therapy


VOJTA therapy

1-2 /week

Balance Suit

Balance suit
2-3/ week


Physiotherapy using assistive devices


1 Child – 1 therapist
Water temperature 34° C
3-4/ week

Therapeutic massage

3-4/ week


wraps with a mixture of beeswax and warm paraffin.
3-4/ week

Cognitive and behavioral intervention

2-4/ week

Psychological counseling

1-2/ week

Parental counseling

Parent Support Group | Prenatal and postpartum counseling
1-2/ week

Occupational Therapy

2-4/ week


2-3/ săptămână

Sensory Integration

2-4/ week


(Magnetotherapy, laser, ultrasound, electrotherapy)
2-4/ week

EEG Electro-Encephalogram

When required


Medical letter, assessment report and home referrals.