Ajutăm anual peste 2000 de copii și pe familiile lor. Vezi cum facem asta
We help over 2000 children and their families annually. See how we do it

Free Assistive Devices

Over 3500 assistive devices in the 7 years of partnership between the Maria Beatrice Association and the PhysioNet Association from Great Britain, for children in Romania!

  • Devices: Postural chairs with multiple degrees of freedom, wheelchairs for children and adults, walkers (3-18 years), devices for educating walking, verticalizers with a variable angle of inclination and other systems to improve the quality of life.
  • Starting 7 years ago, through the Maria Beatrice Alba Iulia Association, we created a rotating system, through which any child in Romania can receive an assistive device for FREE use.
  • As the child’s functional needs change, the family returns the device and receives, as available, another device appropriate to the new functional needs.

Procedure for accessing assistive devices with remote assessment of the beneficiary

Following the telephone request at 0731 372 581 [available between 9:00-16:00] or email: social@mariabeatrice.ro, to receive an assistive device, the evaluation team, responsible for distributing the devices, will send the parent an email -mail, the questionnaire and the measurement scheme in order to obtain the assistive device.

The parent sends the following documents to social@mariabeatrice.ro:

Completed questionnaire ;
Measurements of the beneficiary according to the measurement scheme;
Informative note on the processing of personal data, signed;
Medical documents showing the child's diagnosis;
Recommendations from the treating therapist (if applicable);
Pictures/videos with the child (including in similar devices - if applicable).
Note 1: Following the analysis of the documents submitted by the potential beneficiary, the therapeutic assessment team will assign the "device that has the greatest compatibility", in relation to the beneficiary's assistive needs.

Note 2: In order for assistive devices to reach as many beneficiaries as possible, as a rule, the beneficiary can receive only one device

Note 3: Transport costs (round trip or return, if applicable) and maintenance of the device are the responsibility of the beneficiary
If the beneficiary's file is complete:

• After the evaluation, the identification elements of the selected device (photos, film, other features) will be sent to the beneficiary.
• If the beneficiary accepts the collection of the recommended device, the beneficiary is informed by phone and by email that he will have to pay the transport charges.
• If the beneficiary does not accept taking over the device identified by the evaluators, the operation ends or can be resumed at most once.
• If the evaluating therapists do not identify a suitable device for the beneficiary, the search operation can be repeated for another category of devices, at most once.

Note 1: The request can be generic (verticalizer, postural chair, etc.), or with ID (device number). The ID request is indicative for evaluating therapists.

Note 2: For the situation in which several beneficiaries opt for the same ID, the evaluators select the beneficiary based on the "most compatible" principle, and not in the order of submission of applications, and for the remaining unallocated applicants, appropriate devices will be searched and recorded in the table of evaluators as a proposal from the center to the beneficiary.
If the parent agrees with the recommended device, they will receive the loan/donation contract.
The parent sends the signed, scanned contract by e-mail or whatsapp as a photographed document.
The device will be ready for shipment.

Requests: social@mariabeatrice.ro, phone: 0731 372581 [ available between 9:00-16:00 ]

The principle underlying the assignment of the assistive device is: "the most compatible in relation to the assistive needs of the beneficiary" and not the order of submission of applications.

We want these devices to reach as many families as possible!

As the UK is no longer part of the European Union, this year’s transport was a difficult one and required several approvals and authorizations to be obtained.

Thank you for the openness and support provided by the Romanian authorities throughout the organization of this transport:

  • the National Authority for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Children and Adoptions within the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, especially Mrs. Liana Hiohi – Bucharest;
  • Mrs. Laura Zărnescu from the Brașov Regional Customs Directorate;
  • Mrs. Dana Mărculescu and Claudia Șandru and the Alba Iulia Customs Office;
  • ANAF Brașov, ANAF Alba, DSVSA Alba.
  • We thank our colleague Laura Ignat for her involvement and technical support in organizing the transport!

Thanks to PhysioNet UK!

Special thanks to Mike Adams (President of PhysioNet), Peter Thomson and Heather Angilley, representatives of the PhysioNet organization and Liana Carmen Nagy, who made it possible for this shipment to reach our center in Romania!

We thank PhysioNet UK!

Special thanks to Mike Adams (Chairman PhysioNet), Peter Thomson, Heather Angilley, representatives of PhysioNet and to Liana Carmen Nagy, who made possible the shipment reach at our centre, in Romania!

The equipment is to be used at home by recipient children, to help improve the quality of life and increase the independence of children with special needs.