Ajutăm anual peste 2000 de copii și pe familiile lor. Vezi cum facem asta
We help over 2000 children and their families annually. See how we do it
Asociația Maria Beatrice
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We are building now for the next decades when we can help thousands of children like Maria Beatrice, injured by a car, on the playground or in the park, born prematurely at risk.
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Our story

We are a family of teachers from Alba Iulia, Iulia Onac, English teacher and Sebastian Onac, computer science teacher.

On August 15, 2008 our little girl, Maria Beatrice was born. The birth was premature, it required 6 weeks of hospitalization in the incubator, and following the complications that arose, at 6 months of age Maria Beatrice was diagnosed with infantile cerebral palsy.

In the period 2008-2010, Maria Beatrice together with her mother were repeatedly hospitalized in Romania, Ukraine and Germany.

In 2 years we exhausted all the family's financial resources and realized that the money spent abroad for the treatment of a single child can be used in Romania to open a recovery center, which, in addition to our little girl, help many more children.

So in October 2010, Maria's parents founded the Maria Beatrice Association. We collected funds from Donations and Sponsorships and in March 2012, through the Maria Beatrice Association, we established the "Maria Beatrice" Recovery Center for children with cerebral palsy like our little girl, a center that became nationally recognized, through the results it has in the neuromotor recovery of the young child.

In 12 years I trained a trained and disciplined team of over 50 doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and hydro-kinesitherapists, clinical psychologists and psychotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, administrative and management staff, who together now provide long-term treatments for more than 700 children, born prematurely, injured, operated, cerebral palsy.

Since infant mortality in Romania has a high threshold, the pressure on hospitals is very high. Hospitals make special efforts to get these premature babies out of the hospital alive, but they are less interested in the children’s future. We take care of these families after hospitalization, because the first six months of life are crucial to be able to avoid possible long-term post-premature birth conditions as much as possible.

Because more and more children are born prematurely, we are now building the Maria Beatrice National Pediatric Center for the Therapy and Monitoring of Prematurity, victims of injuries and cerebral palsy children – A Different Hospital where the patient is the whole Family. Here, more than 2,000 children from all over the country and abroad, together with their families, will be able to benefit from long-term treatments annually.

In Romania there are thousands of families with children like us, injured on the playground, in the school yard or in the park. There are human errors, medical errors and more and more children are born prematurely at risk. There are thousands of innocent children, each with their own story, and we have been gifted with the power to help them!

The project is a crowning of all our experiences and values, relating to families in the situation, but especially the assumption as a life project for us, Maria Beatrice’s parents and founders of the Maria Beatrice Association. When we went on the road, we wanted to make sense of the tragedy in our lives, we turned the pain and love for Beatrice into values, perseverance and dedication, and now we are here precisely because we are part of the problem, we understand the family in the situation and what are her needs.

May God help us according to our thoughts and deeds.