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Evaluation, Therapy and Monitoring of Prematurity

Evaluation, Therapy and Monitoring Program of the Premature and the Small Child, at the Maria Beatrice Center!

Prematurity is not a disease, but it can generate "blockages" in the child's development.
A child born prematurely misses out on intrauterine developmental stages, which leads to a delay in its neuromotor development.
The earlier the monitoring and application of therapeutic programs specific to the premature child begin (3 weeks - 6 months), the greater the chances that it will develop properly.
Through the process of Monitoring and Implementation of therapeutic programs in the case of children born prematurely, the aim is to examine the transitory primary reflexes and classify the children into age stages. This process is influenced by three factors:
✓ Gestational age
✓ Corrected age
✓ Motor age
In this sense we have the following example:
A child born at 34 weeks has a corrected age of 6 weeks (subtract 34 weeks from the 40 weeks of pregnancy and arrive at a corrected age of 6 weeks). A child who has a biological age of 4 months but was born at 34 weeks will have a corrected age of 2 and a half months.

Characteristics of prematurity:
- lack of muscle tone
- retinopathy of prematurity
- delay in neuromotor development by age stages
- the development of tone asymmetries with the appearance of plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome)

By implementing therapeutic programs and with specific monitoring, children born prematurely end up consolidating their motor age, so that they improve their motor skills, thus passing properly through each stage of development:
✓ Independent rolling
✓ Crawling performed coordinated - independently
✓ Moving on all fours
✓ Independent walking

The therapeutic programs within the Maria Beatrice Center aim at:

Improving the cervico-cephalic tone of the newborn (maintaining the anti-gravity head in different positions)
Activating grasping movements in the child through specific methods to improve coordination
Correct posture of children and initiation of parents in this regard
Integrating the infant's primitive reflexes through therapist-induced postural facilitation methods and techniques: Regulation of vegetative functions, such as: breathing, sucking and swallowing
Implementation of models of: rolling, crawling, moving on all fours, up to independent walking
Harmonious physical development of the little one with the transit of motor development stages
As the child grows and develops, other goals such as social, emotional and cognitive development can be added to the Center.

Children are born, they discover the world, and those born prematurely need a little boost at the beginning of life! ❤️

Program coordinator, Alin Podar - SENIOR Team Leader – Lecturer Univ. Dr. - Physiotherapist Vojta


Monday - Friday8.30 - 15:30 pm


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