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Antonia's story

Antonia takes her first steps on short distances!!

We are from Bucharest and for 5 years we have been visiting hospitals and clinics and we have hoped with this brave little girl that the day will come when she will take her first steps and look, it is possible!

After having a successful myofasciotomy operation in Germany by Dr Peter Bernius from Schon Klinik Munich, to reduce spasticity, Antonia arrived at the Maria Beatrice Center where she has so far performed 3 sessions of intensive recovery therapy.

I chose the Maria Beatrice Center because here I found a team of professionals with a very good and child-centered recovery plan. Although I only went to 3 sessions, the results obtained in the Maria Beatrice Center were favorable, the physiotherapy sessions, mechanotherapy, hydrokinetotherapy, occupational therapy and sensory integration, speech therapy, came with great benefits. As parents we want the best for Antonia and we have decided to continue the recovery in parallel at the Maria Beatrice Center in Alba Iulia and in Bucharest, where we otherwise live.